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What are Reports?

Document the action taken in your research and the results within a report. You can also add attachments, links and insights to your report.

What are Insights?

Insights are the key observations you discovered whilst undertaking your user research, these are the golden nuggets for customer driven teams.

What are Requests?

Can't find the research you need in your UX research library? Or has something triggered another user focused question? Simply add a request.

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One of our key values here at Insightful is enabling team collaboration, so we aim to enabling your entire team to connect around your research.

Occationally Asked Questions

Will we be charged after the trial?

No, we don’t require a card upfront. We’ll only ask for your credit card details if you want to continue using Insightful at the end of your trial.

How safe is our data?

We use industry-standard cloud infrastructure along with extra safeguards to ensure your data remains private and secure.

Can I export my research data?

Yes of course, it's your research data after all. Decide Insightful isn't for you, that's fine we'll provide you with the ability to export your data.

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes, of course. You can cancel your subscription whenever you like, however we do not offer refunds for previously billed periods.