Powerful features designed specifically to help you and your team organise, analyse and collaborate around UX research and insights.

UX Research Library | Insightful

User experience research & insights library

Put user research at your teams fingertips

Your secure cloud based UX research and insights library enables everyone at your company to have access to the latest user research at the click of a button.

Single Page Reports | Insightful

Digestible single page reports

The place to summarise your findings

Summarise your latest research findings as a digestible single page report. Enable your team to easily understand and learn from relevant research to make informed user centric decisions.

Research Insights | Insightful

Surface key insights

Extract those valuable golden nuggets

Use your intuition and emphasise key elements of your research report as insights. These become part of your wider insight library and will help pull your team back to your initial research report.

Instant Search & Filter | Insightful

Add context with attachments

Share the full picture with your team

Easily upload all the relevant documents, images, sound clips or videos to your latest UX research report to add context and help your team understand the big picture.

Group & Categorise with Tags | Insightful

Group your findings with tags

Easily categorise all your reports and insights

As your UX research library grows, you can use tags to help group and categorise your findings. Freely organise research reports and insights in a way that suits you and your team.

Add Context with Links & Attachments | Insightful

Request user research

Got a burning question about your users?

What would you like to know? Add your request and get a step closer to finding out the answers as well as potentially helping your team learn more about your users.

Instant Search & Filter | Insightful

Company research planner

Share with your team what's happening and when

The planner provides a high level overview of what user research is happening when to the rest of your team. Each piece of research then links through to your findings in a report with insights.

Single Page Reports | Insightful

Build a sequence of research

Share phase one through to phase twenty one

No matter how many phases your research requires, you can use sequences to link your research reports step by step, allowing others to follow along with your progress.

Single Page Reports | Insightful

Automatic team recognition

Providing your entire company access to research

Once you've signed up and verified your email, if your team have already got started on your UX research library, Insightful will automatically connect you.

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Rich text editing

Easily format your reports in a way that suits you.

Research types

Add or filter research by type, from market research to usability studies.

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Report change history

See the latest changes to any report with our report history change log.

Invite outsiders

Use a consultant? Send out an invite to anyone without a company email.

Block user accounts

Has a team member left your company? Easily block their access.

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